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Quality. Reliability. Safety. Sustainability.

Since 2009, EvropaKomplektServis Ltd. has been an official agent on the Russian market for German firms, manufacturers of process equipment.  During this time, we have gathered a lot of experience working on projects of different size.

Our main activity is sales of high quality process equipment, pre-sales support, project support, after-sales service support.   Equipment offered by us is mostly used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Our German business partners’ technologies have been developed and improved for dozens of years while some of them are looking back at hundreds of years of company history. They work hard constantly trying to improve their equipment so that they can provide their customers with the best up-to-date products. At their production sites, they use the latest state-of-the art technologies enabling them to develop and manufacture high quality products.   

The equipment in question can be either of standard make or can be chosen and designed individually, to suit the customer’s requirements.
The equipment produced by our business partners undergoes strict quality control procedures and is manufactured according to the latest world standards with the highest quality materials using state-of-the art technologies. Our partners rely on best modern technologies, high quality materials and efficient use of resources which ensures high quality, superb performance of and great demand for products offered by us. They are in compliance with DIN standards and are supplied along with all necessary documentation in accordance with the requirements that are in effect in the Russian federation and CU member countries. All that is a guarantee for the safety of the clients’ investments and a good base for a long- term fruitful cooperation between the manufacturer and the client.

Visit our partner’s production sites to see for yourselves their high level of technologies and excellent expertise!

Employees at our German office will be glad to accompany you and answer all of your questions.

For more information on our manufactures’ companies, see section Business partners.


Эмалированные ёмкости Thaletec для внутризаводской транспортировки

Фирма Thaletec продолжает искать решения для оптимизации работы клиентов внутри завода. В этом году была разработана эмалированная ёмкость для внутризаводской транспортировки высоко коррозионных сред. Эмалированная ёмкость объёмом до 20.000 л устанавливается на специально разработанное и предназначенное для этого шасси. Сюда же устанавливается платформа с соответствующими предохранительными устройствами. Возможны различные способы заполнения и выгрузки продукта. Также […]

Коррозия эмали в результате воздействия плавиковой кислоты

Эмаль известна хорошей химической стойкостью к органическим и кислым средам, и условной стойкостью к щелочным средам. Техническая эмаль находит своё применение в оборудовании (ёмкости для хранения и аппараты с перемешивающим устройством) для химической промышленности, тонкой химии и фармацевтики. Поскольку в состав эмали входит диоксид кремния (SiO2), её химическая стойкость к ионам фтора, например, к плавиковой […]