Service and training

Quality. Reliability. Safety. Sustainability.

EKS Service Division

The highest possible level of service support for the equipment supplied by us is one of the priorities of EvropaKomplektServis.

The level of our service support at present is up to the standards of our business partners – manufacturers of glass lined equipment for pharmaceutical and food industry as well as laboratory-scale and commercial plants/units made of glass.

EvropaKomplektServis’s service division provides the following services for industrial-scale and laboratory equipment:

  • Diagnostics and nondestructive testing of glass lined equipment at customer’s location
  • Commissioning of industrial and laboratory equipment
  • Staff training at the manufacturer’s production sites
  • Warranty servicing in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements
  • Repair of industrial and laboratory equipment
  • Technical/scheduled maintenance of supplied equipment
  • Supply of original spare parts
  • Upgrading

Our capabilities:

For repairs of glass lined equipment damages, we offer some innovative solutions such as:

  • Installation of glass lined plates of various shapes for confinement of damaged areas in vessel shells, heads or nozzles with a diameter of up to 300 mm.
  • If a standard solution can not be used, we can offer a 3D method by which a damaged area is scanned and a replacement part is fabricated which is an exact replica of the damaged area. By this method, a 100% confinement of the damaged area is achieved.
  • If there is no need for the use of glass lined plates, we can offer installation of tantalum plates of up to 300 mm in diameter.
  • Installation of PTFE repair collars for repair of flange nozzles and manholes. For non-standard sizes, custom fabrication is possible.
  • Repair of damaged glass lining in vessels of European make.

For glass-made equipment, we offer supplies of original and customized (in case of upgrading of an existing plant) parts as well as installation thereof to replace broken-down components such as heat exchangers, condensers, pipes, valves, vessels, drive units, sealings/gaskets etc.

Informational materials on our methods of repair can be provided upon request.